Each year, the Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce draws for a free print of the current years design. The ballot is attached to the information tag found inside the ornament package. We encourage you all to submit your ballot each year for your chance to win a free print. The deadline for submissions each year is February 28th. We would like to thank you all for purchasing the ornament and submitting your entries!

  • Phyllis Strong from Clarenville - 2013 Winner of the print “Guiding Lights” by Lloyd Pretty
  • Sandra Francis from Lower Truro, Nova Scotia - 2012 Winner of the print "Christmas Skates" by Kelly McEntegart-Sheppard
  • Marlene Vatcher from Burgeo, Newfoundland - 2011 Winner of "Outport Caroling" by Odel Archibald
  • Jim Reeves from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia - 2010 Winner of “Making Memories” by Dale Ryan
  • Rodney Fowler from Scarborough, Ontario - 2009 Winner of “Daddy’s Little Star” by Mary Dunphy
  • Marilyn Mackness from Peterborough, Ontario - 2008 Winner of "Can You See Him?" by Larry Mahoney.
  • Joyce Poole from Port Union, Newfoundland – 2007 Winner of “Christmas Visitors” by Ed Roche
  • Michelle Mazalin from Sydney, Nova Scotia – 2006 Winner of “That One” by Troy Birmingham.
  • Gladys Stacey from Marystown, Newfoundland - 2005 Winner of "Outport Christmas” by Dave hoddinott
  • Ruby Mills from Paradise, Newfoundland - 2004 Winner of "Christmas Past with the Newfoundland Pony" by Edwin Snook
  • Val Royle from St. John's, Newfoundland - 2003 Winner of "Kitchen Party" by Kelly McEntegart
  • Melba Pike from Eastport, Newfoundland - 2002 Winner of "In Nan’s Kitchen" by Kathy Sweetapple
  • Melba Pike from Eastport, Newfoundland - 2001 Winner of "Saltwater Santa" by Dawn Baker


Getting Ready by Reilly Fitzgerald (2014)

Guiding Light by Lloyd Pretty (2013)

Christmas Skates by Kelly McEntegart-Sheppard (2012)

Outport Caroling by Odell Archibald (2011)

Making Memories by Dale Ryan (2010)

Daddy's Little Star by Mary (Power) Dunphy (2009)

Can you see him? by Larry Mahoney (2008)

Christmas Visitors by Ed Roche (2007)

That One! by Troy Birmingham (2006)

Outport Christmas by Dave Hoddinott (2005)

Christmas Past with the Newfoundland Pony by Edwin Snook (2004)

Kitchen Party by Kelly McEntegart Sheppard (2003)

In Nan's Kitchen by Kathy Sweetapple (2002)

Saltwater Santa by Dawn Baker (2001)

Silent Night by Julia Bursey George (2000)

Knock, Knock, Any Mummers L'lowed In
    by Louise Colbourne Andrews (1999)

Beginning in 1999, the Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce (CACC) has surpassed expectations of popularity and profit with the annual Christmas Ornament Project. This fund-raising project allows the CACC to be one of the few Chambers in the province to reach self-sufficiency.

The Ornament Project showcases local, talented artists with the superb opportunity to attach their names to this popular collector's series, increasing exposure for their passion, art.

For a retailer close to you please contact 1-866-466-5800.


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